jeudi 3 mai 2012


Last  week I met David White from RAGTOP, sat in his stenciled chair, at the Spitalfields Antiques Market...
Cool stall with nice hand picked american workwear, sportswear, denim, and military clothing.
A true nice selection, David keeps doing the good work !

David and his Rare 40's USN BLUE DECK HOOK JACKET!

Super find...improvement of the Deck Zip Jacket. This is the revised 1943 type with silver stenciled across the back, wool lining and "D" patch pockets. This one features a new front closing method based on fireman's coats of the same period. It has a front panel with six metal hooks to close the jacket in a more practical way, avoiding frozen zip or to put your gloves off.  

If you miss him at the market you can find him at his shop 
1a Turville Street, London  /  Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 7 pm. 

Thanks David for your friendly welcome.

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